False "too big bulk count string" for big HMSET #673

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There's a bug in processMultibulkBuffer in networking.c (v.2.4.17) - if you get buffer ending exactly before next bulk string count, like here:

[more data to follow in next call]

...then in the "while(c->multibulklen)" loop redis will read data for third arg, and then try to read bulk count for the fourth one having no data in buffer, and instead of returning from method it will signal "too big bulk count string".

This happens randomly on some specific data with big hash with big fields, I have data which triggers this error very often, but cannot provide it as it contains confidential data (it was taken from production server). I tried to generate such data manually using perl script, but with no effect - although data looked very similar, it didn't trigger an error.

Nevertheless, I saw many posts in the internet with similar problem so I think it happens quite often - and there's very simple fix I did:

diff --git a/src/networking.c b/src/networking.c
index 500df0d..fb9c05e 100644
--- a/src/networking.c
+++ b/src/networking.c
@@ -812,7 +812,7 @@ int processMultibulkBuffer(redisClient *c) {

     redisAssert(c->multibulklen > 0);
-    while(c->multibulklen) {
+    while(c->multibulklen && sdslen(c->querybuf)-pos > 2) {
         /* Read bulk length if unknown */
         if (c->bulklen == -1) {
             newline = strchr(c->querybuf+pos,'\r');

So if you have an idea how to replicate this problem you can add some test case for your test suite, and either way you could include this fix in next stable release.

I checked current unstable branch, and it looks it was fixed somehow - in any case I wasn't able to replicate an error.

antirez commented Oct 22, 2012

Hello, this is going to be my priority tomorrow morning, thanks.

What's the status of this? For the record I was having this exact issue (Protocol error on specific large HMSETs) with redis-py/rq and found out I was still running redis 2.4. After upgrading to 2.6 the issue completely disappeared.

For me it also disappeared in 2.6 - so it looks as fixed, only this issue wasn't closed.

@bwlewis bwlewis referenced this issue in bwlewis/rredis Apr 29, 2013

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