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Sometimes AOF can grow unlimited ? #716

vsespb opened this Issue October 21, 2012 · 0 comments

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Victor Efimov
Victor Efimov

What will happen if someone rely on auto-AOF-rewrite, but redis server often restarts ?

According to this code
the restart (in default config) triggered when AOF size > 2*original AOF size. And original aof size
is picked when server starts (or when AOF rewrite happening)

so if I restart server too often AOF will grow unlimited ?

I think there should be option to set max AOF size to trigger rewrite when it's reached.
or, at least, existing behavious should be documented.

p.s. note
in modern "cloud" environments it's sometimes common to kill/restart servers when deploy or in case of minor faulure etc
so redis restart can happen often (especially for development and staging environments).

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