Round-robin event handlers in aeCreateEventLoop(). #767

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  • aeCreateEventLoop() processes the eventLoop->events[] in index order.
  • The order of aeFileEvent eventLoop->event[] is by aeFiredEvent->fd.
  • This means clients with lower FDs (likely to be connected longer) are serviced before clients with higher FDs.
  • We use a modified Ruby Resque::Worker that self-throttles its polling: if there is work, it does not sleep between Jobs, if there is no work it progressively lengthens the sleep between polls.
  • This means the Resque::Worker with the lowest FD gets greedy, younger Workers get less work.
  • This is also true for any redis clients that vie for the same key-value resource.


  • Use a rotating offset into eventLoop->fired[] to give each client a chance to be "first".

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badboy commented Nov 15, 2012

Submitting this as a pull-request against the unstable branch would make it easier to see the actual changes.

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