misjudgement between update-rc.d and chkconfig #864

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utils/install_server.sh line:176~183
if [ !which chkconfig ] ; then
#if we're not a chkconfig box assume we're able to use update-rc.d
update-rc.d redis_$REDIS_PORT defaults && echo "Success!"
# we're chkconfig, so lets add to chkconfig and put in runlevel 345
chkconfig --add redis_$REDIS_PORT && echo "Successfully added to chkconfig!"
chkconfig --level 345 redis_$REDIS_PORT on && echo "Successfully added to runlevels 345!"

line 176 need change to if [ ! which chkconfig ] ; then
miss a space behind "!"



I met the same problem today. Besides, there're some other spaces missed in install_server.sh in line 62, 72 and 81, which makes customized configuration ignored.


    if [ !"$REDIS_CONFIG_FILE" ] ; then
        echo "Selected default - $REDIS_CONFIG_FILE"


My shell is /bin/bash

@jw2013 jw2013 added a commit to jw2013/redis that referenced this issue Jan 9, 2014
@jw2013 jw2013 fix issue #840, #864 and #1099 fcfcaaf
@mattsta mattsta closed this May 30, 2014
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