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Restarting DB After CONFIG SET and redis.conf mismatch can wipe out your DB and its slaves #972

xonder opened this Issue · 0 comments

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Just wanted to point out a tricky edge case you might hit that will clean your DB dry if your redis.conf doesn't match the settings you sent to the instance through config set.

Sure, it's a config error, but its rather devastating impact might warrant a disclaimer or some sort of checking mechanism.

Here are the steps to reproduce it:

-Launch your DB with AOF and dump writing enabled.
-Turn off the use of AOF using config set
-Your server reboots
-Redis restarts, loads the redis.conf file (which you forgot to update not to use AOF);
-Redis loads up the AOF as it was at the time you sent the config set
-Redis will at that point rewrite your dump file with that old data
-Propagates to ALL the slaves

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