[Bug Fix] sentinel can't connect other sentinel when other has multiple ip and bind just one ip of them. #1554

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hi @antirez.

I found a bug when I read redis sentinel code.
Sentinel has multiple ip, and bind only one of them.

for exmaple.
Sentinel has ip [,]
and it binds

and it will broadcast its ip with Hello Message.
But at that time, we don't know what ip is connected with Redis Master.
so it can send other ip with Hello Message. like below.,26379,runid,0,mymaster,,6379,0

so It caues connection failed.

1] condition 1, A has multiple ip, B has just a ip
-> A can connect B.
-> But b can't

2] condition 2, A has multiple ip, B has multiple ip
-> A can't, B can't

so it can cause some unexpectable situation.
so sentinel should return bined ip in conf with Hello Message.

mattsta commented Jul 31, 2014

Fixed in #1708

@mattsta mattsta closed this Jul 31, 2014
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