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yamt commented Jul 19, 2012

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yamt added some commits Jul 19, 2012
@yamt yamt don't define _XOPEN_SOURCE for NetBSD
on NetBSD, defining _XOPEN_SOURCE hides extensions
like inet_aton, strcasecmp, etc.
@yamt yamt rename popcount to popcount_binary to avoid a conflict with NetBSD libc
NetBSD-current's libc has a function named popcount.
hiding these extensions using feature macros is not possible because
redis uses other extensions covered by the same feature macro.
eg. inet_aton
@yamt yamt use nanosleep instead of usleep
SUSv3 says that:
	The useconds argument shall be less than one million. If the value of
	useconds is 0, then the call has no effect.
and actually NetBSD's implementation rejects such a value with EINVAL.
use nanosleep which has no such a limitation instead.
@yamt yamt _XOPEN_SOURCE 600 for NetBSD as well
it's necessary for getaddrinfo etc.
while i'm not sure why this is under #ifdef linux in the first place,
keep non-NetBSD cases as-is for now.
@yamt yamt referenced this pull request Oct 28, 2012

fixes for netbsd #735

yamt commented Oct 28, 2012

see rebased version: #735

@yamt yamt closed this Oct 28, 2012
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