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This fixes a few build issues on Solaris 5.10 with gcc as well as native compiler.

apaprocki added some commits Aug 24, 2012
@apaprocki apaprocki solaris: define u_int/u_int32_t in all compilers
The solarisfixes.h defines for u_int/u_int32_t were only defined when __GNUC__. They are also needed to build using the Oracle Studio C compiler.
@apaprocki apaprocki solaris: avoid HAVE_BACKTRACE when __SunOS_5_10
The backtrace(3) function was only added in Solaris 11. The __SunOS_5_10 define is provided by the Oracle Studio compiler. Other compilers can simply -D__SunOS_5_10 if they are running on Solaris 10 and hit this issue.
@apaprocki apaprocki solaris: add unistd.h for ioctl() 660bc26
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