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prohibit to run freeMemoryIfNeed when it is slave #882

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charsyam openbaas

when Slave's maxmemory and maxmemory-policy are different from Master's
some datum are in Master but they aren't in Slave.

for consistency between master and slave. it is better to turn off slave's freememoryIfNeed.

1] at the first time, I considered to copy master's maxmemory and maxmemory-policy setting
when they sync for the first time. but it can cause some troubles. because Master and Slave uses memory

2] even though, they uses same maxmemory-policy, slave can perform "LRU or Expire" itself.

In conclusion, Skipping freememoryIfNeed in slave is better.

charsyam charsyam closed this
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Jan 15, 2013
openbaas prohibit to run freeMemoryIfNeed when it is slave cda108c
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  1. 2  src/redis.c
2  src/redis.c
@@ -2304,6 +2304,8 @@ void monitorCommand(redisClient *c) {
2304 2304
  * used by the server.
2305 2305
2306 2306
 int freeMemoryIfNeeded(void) {
+    if (server.masterhost) return REDIS_OK;
2307 2309
     size_t mem_used, mem_tofree, mem_freed;
2308 2310
     int slaves = listLength(server.slaves);
2309 2311

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