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- Ignore 404 errors in every report, but in the 404 errors.
- Screen resolution: conver 32 colorDepth to 24. Set a cookie with
expire time to 24 hours so that the screen resolution is checked only
for new visitors and not for every pageview.
- Good suggestions at
- Compress the man page with gzip -9 for Debian policy
- Glob-style matching in --prefix, like:
--prefix *
- Keyword trails:
hping -> /
hping3 -> /hping3.html
packet MTU -> /docs.html
- Enter pages
- Best referer in every month+year. This may be done with a single
hash table if the key is: month+year+referer, then sort it by hits,
and get every pair of month+year one the first time (running the
hash table form the higher hits to the lower ones).
- Best keyphrase in every month+year. See "Best referer in every month+year"
for implementation tips.
- When the list of urls/referers/... are limited, a final
entry "others" should sum all the non shown values.
- Countries by IP addresses?
- --period to limit the analysis to log entries matching the specified period.
- Processing time in seconds with decimal part, like 5,663 seconds.
After this is implemented, it may print the lines for second speed
if the time spent is more than 2 seconds or so.
- Page-specific referers
- An option to specify an external CSS name to link inside the HTML
instead of the inline CSS.
- An option to specify the r/g/b values of the bidimentional maps
- Exclude google crawler accesses from weekday-hour map report?
- Modify parse_date() to cache the result.
- Normal "Foobar by hits" statistics should show the percentage
- Better formatting for the new reports browser/os/domain in the
plaintext report.
- Think about hashing the time as unix-time integer instead of string in
order to reduce processing time and memory usage.