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/* An implementation of hash tables:
* Copyright(C) 2000-2004 by Salvatore Sanfilippo <>
* This software is under the BSD license
#include <sys/types.h>
#ifndef _AHT_H
#define _AHT_H
/* Fix to compile under WIN32/MINGW and SunOS */
#if defined(WIN32) || defined(__sun__)
#ifndef u_int8_t
#define u_int8_t unsigned char
#define u_int16_t unsigned short
#define u_int32_t unsigned int
/* ------------------------------ exit codes -------------------------------- */
#define HT_OK 0 /* Success */
#define HT_FOUND 1 /* Key found */
#define HT_NOTFOUND 2 /* Key not found */
#define HT_BUSY 3 /* Key already exist */
#define HT_NOMEM 4 /* Out of memory */
#define HT_IOVERFLOW 5 /* Index overflow */
#define HT_INVALID 6 /* Invalid argument */
#define HT_INITIAL_SIZE 256
/* ----------------------- hash table structures -----------------------------*/
struct ht_ele {
void *key;
void *data;
struct hashtable {
struct ht_ele **table;
unsigned int size;
unsigned int sizemask;
unsigned int used;
unsigned int collisions;
u_int32_t (*hashf)(void *key);
int (*key_compare)(void *key1, void *key2);
void (*key_destructor)(void *key);
void (*val_destructor)(void *obj);
/* ----------------------------- Prototypes ----------------------------------*/
int ht_init(struct hashtable *t);
int ht_move(struct hashtable *orig, struct hashtable *dest, unsigned int index);
int ht_expand(struct hashtable *t, size_t size);
int ht_add(struct hashtable *t, void *key, void *data);
int ht_replace(struct hashtable *t, void *key, void *data);
int ht_rm(struct hashtable *t, void *key);
int ht_destroy(struct hashtable *t);
int ht_free(struct hashtable *t, unsigned int index);
int ht_search(struct hashtable *t, void *key, unsigned int *found_index);
int ht_get_byindex(struct hashtable *t, unsigned int index);
int ht_resize(struct hashtable *t);
void **ht_get_array(struct hashtable *t);
/* provided destructors */
void ht_destructor_free(void *obj);
#define ht_no_destructor NULL
/* provided compare functions */
int ht_compare_ptr(void *key1, void *key2);
int ht_compare_string(void *key1, void *key2);
/* ------------------------ The hash functions ------------------------------ */
u_int32_t djb_hash(unsigned char *buf, size_t len);
u_int32_t djb_hashR(unsigned char *buf, size_t len);
u_int32_t trivial_hash(unsigned char *buf, size_t len);
u_int32_t trivial_hashR(unsigned char *buf, size_t len);
u_int32_t ht_strong_hash(u_int8_t *k, u_int32_t length, u_int32_t initval);
u_int32_t __ht_strong_hash(u_int8_t *k, u_int32_t length, u_int32_t initval);
/* ----------------- hash functions for common data types ------------------- */
u_int32_t ht_hash_string(void *key);
u_int32_t ht_hash_pointer(void *key);
/* ----------------------------- macros --------------------------------------*/
#define ht_set_hash(t,f) ((t)->hashf = (f))
#define ht_set_key_destructor(t,f) ((t)->key_destructor = (f))
#define ht_set_val_destructor(t,f) ((t)->val_destructor = (f))
#define ht_set_key_compare(t,f) ((t)->key_compare = (f))
#define ht_collisions(t) ((t)->collisions)
#define ht_size(t) ((t)->size)
#define ht_used(t) ((t)->used)
#define ht_key(t, i) ((t)->table[(i)]->key)
#define ht_value(t, i) ((t)->table[(i)]->data)
#endif /* _AHT_H */