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Sep 16 2002 CNAME implemented
Sep 14 2002 Fixed a wildcard RR response building bug.
Sep 14 2002 Fixed a memory leak introduced with the new forwarding
ACL control.
Sep 12 2002 Forwarding fixed, now after the forward_next timeout
the query is sent to the next nameserver and so on.
Thanks to "Robert Allmeroth" <>
Sep 09 2002 Now stuff that should never be < 0 are unsigned.
Sep 09 2002 Major change, merged with the new hashtable library
Sep 08 2002 Implemented wildcard Resource Records, see Docs.
Sep 06 2002 Fixed a problem in name_decode(). If the name format
was bad, but the pointer-to-pointer where to
store the name was set to NULL (used to only know
the length of the encoded name by get_min_ttl())
the function deferenced a NULL pointer, writing
0 on it. Not exploitable to break in but a bad DoS.
Sep 05 2002 now chdir() before to chroot().
Sep 04 2002 call abort() in the SIG_SEGV sighandler to dump the core
Sep 04 2002 use setrlimit(2) to enable core dumping
Sep 04 2002 Modified Copyright notices and email
Sep 04 2002 Fix for case insensitive hashtable key creation
Sep 03 2002 keyword 'forwarder' changed in 'nameserver'
Sep 03 2002 RRs qtype to symbol table updated
Sep 03 2002 Now names are matched case insensitive
Aug 30 2002 Fixed SIGCHLD handling problem.
Aug 30 2002 Fixed autoptr, now generates a PTR record for all the
names for the IP address, not only for the first.
Aug 30 2002 New 'fwd' ACL chain used for forwarding access control
Feb 8 2001 Different algorithm for cache expiration check
Feb 7 2001 Now uses strlcpy and strlcat
Feb 6 2001 Zone tranfer code updated
Feb 5 2001 Fork from ENS:
o Now uses hash table instead of lists
o #ifdef away
o config.c update
??? ? ???? o too much stuff, I don't remember