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# This setup script creates a new cluster in GKE
# Keep your history file clean for demos:
#cp ./zsh_history ./.zsh_history
#export HISTFILE=./.zsh_history
# Configure a GKE instance
gcloud beta container \
`# Project name you've set in gcloud` \
--project "$PROJECT_NAME" \
`# cluster name, Arbitrary` \
clusters create "standard-cluster-1" \
`# Whatever region you like` \
--zone "$REGIONS" \
--no-enable-basic-auth \
`# This will need to be changed as GKE stop supporting versions. E.g. may need to change to 1.15.8 if point release` \
--cluster-version "1.15.7-gke.23" \
`# Do you care about money?` \
--machine-type "e2-standard-2" \
`# ubuntu because it's easier to priv esc in` \
--image-type "UBUNTU" \
--disk-type "pd-standard" \
--disk-size "30" \
--metadata disable-legacy-endpoints=true \
--scopes "","","","","","" \
`# As of 2/2/2020 this was needed to support PSPs` \
--enable-kubernetes-alpha \
--num-nodes "3" \
--no-enable-stackdriver-kubernetes \
--no-enable-ip-alias \
`# You can set this to something you've already made or look up your project` \
--network "projects/$PROJECT_NAME/global/networks/default" \
--subnetwork "projects/$PROJECT_NAME/regions/us-east1/subnetworks/default" \
`# Needed to setup a public service for the webadmin service` \
--addons HorizontalPodAutoscaling,HttpLoadBalancing \
--no-enable-autoupgrade \
--no-enable-autorepair \
--no-shielded-integrity-monitoring \
`# Needed for the ... pod security policy. If you don't want to do this you don't need an alpha GKE either` \
## setup local kubeconfig
gcloud container clusters get-credentials standard-cluster-1
## add secure namespace with psp
kubectl apply -f clusterrole_restricted.yaml
## deploy webadmin to secure namespace
kubectl apply -f webadmin.yaml -n secure
## enable load balancer and service in GKE
kubectl apply -f public_webadminsvc.yaml -n secure
## allow the secure/webadmin token to access the default/endpoints api
kubectl apply -f webadmin_allow_role_to_see_endpoints.yaml
## deploy webadmin to insecure namespace
kubectl apply -f webadmin.yaml -n default
## Get the podIP of the default pod you'll need later
# If you want to give youself some help, dump the IP of the other webadmin service so you don't have to nmap it
#echo "This is the PodIP of the webadmin pod in the default namespace: "
#kubectl get deployments webadmin -d default -o yaml | grep podIP
## Get svc endpoint
kubectl get svc -n secure --watch
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