Tensorflow implementation of "Perceptual Losses for Real-Time Style Transfer and Super-Resolution."
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Tensorflow implementation of "Perceptual Losses for Real-Time Style Transfer and Super-Resolution"

Fast artistic style transfer by using feed forward network.

  • input image size: 1024x768
  • process time(CPU): 2.246 sec (Core i5-5257U)
  • process time(GPU): 1.728 sec (GPU GRID K520)



In this implementation, the VGG model part was based on Tensorflow VGG16 and VGG19. Please add this as a submodule and follow the instructions there to have vgg16 model. Make sure the name of the module in your project matches the one in line 6 ofcustom_vgg16.py.

Train a style model

Need to train one image transformation network model per one style target. According to the paper, the models are trained on the Microsoft COCO dataset. Also, it will save the transformation model, including the trained weights, for later use (in C++) in pbs directory, while the checkpoint files would be saved in ckpts/<style_name>/.

  • <style_name>.pb is saved by default. To turn off, add argument -pb 0.
  • To train a model from scratch.
python train.py -s <style_image_path> -d <training_dataset_directory> -g 0

  • To load a pre-trained model, specify the checkpoint to load. Negative checkpoint value suggests using the latest checkpoint.
python train.py -s <style_image_path> -d  <training_dataset_directory> -c <checkpoint_to_load>

Generate a stylized image

Load with .pb file

python generate.py -i <input_image_path> -o <output_image_path> -s <style_name> -pb 1

Load with checkpoint files

  • By default, the latest checkpoint file is used (negative value for the checkpoint argument).
python generate.py <input_image_path> -s <style_name> -o <output_image_path> -c <checkpoint_to_load>

Difference between implementation and paper

  • Convolution kernel size 4 instead of 3.
  • Training with batchsize(n >= 2) causes unstable result.




Codes written in this repository based on following nice works, thanks to the author.