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// Copyright (c) 2012-2017 The ANTLR Project. All rights reserved.
// Use of this file is governed by the BSD 3-clause license that
// can be found in the LICENSE.txt file in the project root.
package antlr
var ATNSimulatorError = NewDFAState(0x7FFFFFFF, NewBaseATNConfigSet(false))
type IATNSimulator interface {
SharedContextCache() *PredictionContextCache
DecisionToDFA() []*DFA
type BaseATNSimulator struct {
atn *ATN
sharedContextCache *PredictionContextCache
decisionToDFA []*DFA
func NewBaseATNSimulator(atn *ATN, sharedContextCache *PredictionContextCache) *BaseATNSimulator {
b := new(BaseATNSimulator)
b.atn = atn
b.sharedContextCache = sharedContextCache
return b
func (b *BaseATNSimulator) getCachedContext(context PredictionContext) PredictionContext {
if b.sharedContextCache == nil {
return context
visited := make(map[PredictionContext]PredictionContext)
return getCachedBasePredictionContext(context, b.sharedContextCache, visited)
func (b *BaseATNSimulator) SharedContextCache() *PredictionContextCache {
return b.sharedContextCache
func (b *BaseATNSimulator) ATN() *ATN {
return b.atn
func (b *BaseATNSimulator) DecisionToDFA() []*DFA {
return b.decisionToDFA
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