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// Copyright (c) 2012-2017 The ANTLR Project. All rights reserved.
// Use of this file is governed by the BSD 3-clause license that
// can be found in the LICENSE.txt file in the project root.
package antlr
// TokenFactory creates CommonToken objects.
type TokenFactory interface {
Create(source *TokenSourceCharStreamPair, ttype int, text string, channel, start, stop, line, column int) Token
// CommonTokenFactory is the default TokenFactory implementation.
type CommonTokenFactory struct {
// copyText indicates whether CommonToken.setText should be called after
// constructing tokens to explicitly set the text. This is useful for cases
// where the input stream might not be able to provide arbitrary substrings of
// text from the input after the lexer creates a token (e.g. the
// implementation of CharStream.GetText in UnbufferedCharStream panics an
// UnsupportedOperationException). Explicitly setting the token text allows
// Token.GetText to be called at any time regardless of the input stream
// implementation.
// The default value is false to avoid the performance and memory overhead of
// copying text for every token unless explicitly requested.
copyText bool
func NewCommonTokenFactory(copyText bool) *CommonTokenFactory {
return &CommonTokenFactory{copyText: copyText}
// CommonTokenFactoryDEFAULT is the default CommonTokenFactory. It does not
// explicitly copy token text when constructing tokens.
var CommonTokenFactoryDEFAULT = NewCommonTokenFactory(false)
func (c *CommonTokenFactory) Create(source *TokenSourceCharStreamPair, ttype int, text string, channel, start, stop, line, column int) Token {
t := NewCommonToken(source, ttype, channel, start, stop)
t.line = line
t.column = column
if text != "" {
} else if c.copyText && source.charStream != nil {
t.SetText(source.charStream.GetTextFromInterval(NewInterval(start, stop)))
return t
func (c *CommonTokenFactory) createThin(ttype int, text string) Token {
t := NewCommonToken(nil, ttype, TokenDefaultChannel, -1, -1)
return t
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