Consistent naming for combined and separated grammars #37

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Here is the current naming:


grammar Foo;
  • FooLexer, FooParser
  • FooListener, FooBaseListener
  • FooParseListener, FooBaseParseListener
  • FooVisitor, FooBaseVisitor


lexer grammar FooLexer;
parser grammar FooParser;
  • FooLexer, FooParser
  • FooParserListener, FooParserBaseListener
  • FooParserParseListener, FooParserBaseParseListener
  • FooParserVisitor, FooParserBaseVisitor


I find that in ANTLR 4 I'm more likely to use separated grammars than combined grammars. However, I wish the names of listeners/visitors generated by the separated grammars to match those of the combined grammar. In particular, if (and only if) a parser grammar is named *Parser, I'd like to drop the Parser suffix as part of deriving the generated file names.

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