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Major Milestone Release

ANTLR 4.4 is a major feature and minor bugfix update to ANTLR 4. The primary enhancement is the introduction of both Python2 and Python3 language targets, which you can access with -Dlanguage=Python2 from the ANTLR command line. For C#, please use Visual Studio plugin/tool that Sam Harwell has built.

Please note that tool error messages have been altered to remove unnecessary single quotes and we have added some more specific error messages.

This release includes a new build script called bild.py and was not build using maven. bild.py is a Python script I made that looks like a makefile and self bootstraps by pulling in the required bilder.py library from the net. See http://bildtool.org. On a unix box, just type "./bild.py all" to build antlr from source (if you are so inclined).

We highly recommend that you regenerate your lexers and parsers using the latest version of the Tool.

Download Binaries

Download ANTLR jars at the antlr.org site.


Summary of Changes

You can view all issues closed for this release here, and all commits for this release here.

Bug Fixes

  • NullPtr and bad tree parse upon parser rule ref in lexer rule in combined grammar (#661)
  • Specifying an unknown target crashed the tool. (163ec98)

IDE Support

Project Release which Supports ANTLR 4.4
ANTLRWorks 2
IntelliJ Plugin 1.5
Eclipse Plugin
Visual Studio Extension 1.2.1

Alternate Language Targets

As of 4.4, ANTLR can generate code in the following languages:

Also, Sam Harwell has an ANTLR 4 "Optimized" fork, which is currently consistent with ANTLR 4.3.