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PHP 5.6 grammar with C# (Sharwell runtime) and Java runtime by Ivan Kochurkin (, Positive Technologies. PHP keywords are case-insensitive, but tokens in grammar written in lower case. Thus CaseInsensitiveInputStream should be used. C# or Java code actions used for context-sensitivity features like Heredoc.

Parser grammar based on Phalanger grammar by Jakub Míšek (jakubmisek). Html mode based on ANTLR html grammar by Tom Everett (@teverett).

Supported features:

  • Different modes (because of PHP is island grammar):
    • HTML
    • Script
    • CSS
    • PHP
    • Heredoc
  • Alternative syntax.
  • Heredoc.
  • Interpolation strings (not fully completed, see TODO).
  • Deep expressions handling (such as very long concatenation).
  • aspTags.
  • Improved lexer error processing with artificial string fragments (for example double closed quote at the end: <div attr='value'' />).


PHP parser has been successfully tested (parsing without errors) on the following projects.

Also this parser has been tested on plenty number of PHP files from different CMS (~70000 files). It took approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes with 70% on lexer part and 30% on parser part.