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A utility lib make it easy to write a gateway in front of gnatsd with middlewares


  • Leverage the official zero-alloc parser to handle connections
  • Can inspect most commands in nats proto
  • TCP & Websocket gateway
  • Embeded as a library

How it works

Thanks to the clean design of gnatsd, I synced the parser.go from gnatsd/server/parser.go and rewrite missing method in client wrap it as a unidirectional fowarder leaving custom callbacks to handle protocal commands.

  • CLIENT -> BACKEND share the logical of serving a client in nats server,
  • BACKEND -> CLIENT share the logical of serving a router.

Basic usage

Building a websocket gateway to use nats in browser.

package main

import (

	fwd ""

func main() {

	handler, err := ws.NewHandler(
		func() (net.Conn, error) {
			return net.Dial("tcp", "localhost:4222")
	if err != nil {
	http.Handle("/nats", handler)
	http.ListenAndServe("", nil)

Supported NATS commands

To modify the original command a newCmd should be returned with err is nil, if err is not nil, a -ERR command will be sent to client, and close the underlying connections.

// Handlers ars handler to modify of filter client side commands
type Handlers struct {
	// peer to backend
	OnConnect     ConnectHandler
	OnPublish     PublishHandler
	OnSubscribe   SubscribeHandler
	OnUnsubscribe UnsubscribeHandler
	// backend to peer
	OnMsg  MsgHandler
	OnInfo InfoHandler

// ClientOptions is options client will pass to server, when auth is required
type ClientOptions struct {
	Verbose       bool   `json:"verbose"`
	Pedantic      bool   `json:"pedantic"`
	TLSRequired   bool   `json:"tls_required"`
	Authorization string `json:"auth_token"`
	Username      string `json:"user"`
	Password      string `json:"pass"`
	Name          string `json:"name"`
	Lang          string `json:"lang"`
	Version       string `json:"version"`
	Protocol      int    `json:"protocol"`

// ConnectCmd is client issued CONNECT command
type ConnectCmd struct {
	// Payload is bytes of "ClientOptions"
	Payload []byte
type ConnectHandler func(client Forwarder, cmd *ConnectCmd) (newCmd *ConnectCmd, err error)

// PublishCmd is client issued PUB command
type PublishCmd struct {
	Subject []byte
	Reply   []byte
	Msg     []byte
type PublishHandler func(client Forwarder, cmd *PublishCmd) (newCmd *PublishCmd, err error)

// SubscribeCmd is client issued SUB command
type SubscribeCmd struct {
	Subject []byte
	Queue   []byte
	SID     []byte
type SubscribeHandler func(client Forwarder, cmd *SubscribeCmd) (newCmd *SubscribeCmd, err error)

// UnsubscribeCmd is client issued UNSUB command
type UnsubscribeCmd struct {
	SID []byte
	Max int
type UnsubscribeHandler func(client Forwarder, cmd *UnsubscribeCmd) (newCmd *UnsubscribeCmd, err error)

// InfoCmd is callback to handle server side info command.
type InfoCmd struct {
	Payload []byte
type InfoHandler func(client Forwarder, cmd *InfoCmd) (newCmd *InfoCmd, err error)

// MsgCmd is callback to handle server pushed msg.
type MsgCmd struct {
	Subject []byte
	SID     []byte
	Reply   []byte
	Msg     []byte
type MsgHandler func(client Forwarder, cmd *MsgCmd) (newCmd *MsgCmd, err error)

More use cases

  • Act as border gateway enforce tls for connections from public
  • Rewrite requests, publish subject
  • Filter out illegal messages passing thru the gateway
  • Modify message, for example adding extra fields or tags which is tranparent to users
  • Route message to another subject


Keep parser.go up to date with officail

curl '' > /tmp/parser.go && vimdiff gnatsdgw/server/parser.go /tmp/parser.go



  • gnatsd High-Performance server for NATS, the cloud native messaging system.

Inspired by


A utility pkg make it easy to write a gateway in front of gnatsd with middlewares








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