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Cocotb (Python) based USB 1.1 test suite for FPGA IP, with testbenches for a variety of open source USB cores
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USB test suite

This is a Cocotb based USB 1.1 test suite (to be extended to cover higher versions of the standard) for FPGA IP, with testbenches for a variety of open source USB cores. Cocotb enables testing IPs with Python, which makes for a very robust and developer-friendly workflow.

This repository is a top level repo, with libraries used by the project and specific testbenches and cores as submodules.


It is recommended that you use a virtualenv or similar tool. This will be taken care of by the script.


  • python3
  • pip
  • iverilog


# Install dependencies
sudo apt install python3 python3-pip iverilog
# Clone the repository.
git clone
cd usb-test-suite-build
# Run script to setup environment


Use the Makefile in usb-test-suite-testbenches folder to choose the IP core and test module. Currently testing ValentyUSB and asics-ws usb1_device is supported.

Execute tests by calling:

# Make sure you are in the virtualenv
. env/bin/activate
cd usb-test-suite-testbenches
# Execute tests with default values
make sim

Make sure to run make clean when switching targets. See the README in usb-test-suite-testbenches for details.

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