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A temporary Reference Docker for Krita 4.0.0
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Krita reference plugin

This is a quick and dirty plugin to replace the removed Reference Images Docker in Krita 4.0.0

A temporary solution

As said at, the removal is only temporary:

"The Reference Images Docker has been removed. It was too easy to crash it if invalid image files where present. In Krita 4.1 it will be replaced by a new reference images tool."

How to install

Open Krita, in Settings -> Manage Resources click on the Open Resource Folder button.

Copy-paste all files from in the pykrita folder and restart Krita.

How to enable

Enable the plugin in Settings -> Configure Krita -> Python Plugin Manager (Reference)

Check Settings -> Dockers -> Reference Docker

How to use

Load an image

Click on Open and choose an image. Beware, no verification is done on the format... You've been warned!

Move the reference and zoom

You can grab the reference to move it (with any mouse button, left/right/middle... don't care).

Use the wheel or press on Ctrl and drag up-down to zoom.

Pick a color

Just click on the wanted part of the reference, you can shift your selection by some pixels.

A color preview is displayed on the top of the Docker.

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