make a 4 wheeled car on a ground
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* what is the vroom projet?
  it's a personal whim making a 4 wheeled car.
* how to get it functional?
** libraries
   ODE - collision and dynamic engine -
   OGRE - 3D engine -
   TinyXML - xml parser -
   OIS - object oriented input system - provided with ogre sdk
   CEGUI - gui interface -
** src/Makefile
   change the INCDIRS variable to suit your ode and ogre includes directories
   change the LIBDIRS variable to suit your libraries directories
** src/plugins.cfg
   change the pluginFolder to your Ogre's plugins folder
* keys
*** camera
	c - to switch in camera mode
	z,q,d,s - move camera
	shift, ctrl - move at different speed
*** car
	arrows - move
	space - sort of brake
	i,k - to add force, sort of lowriding
*** gui
	e - on/off gui to change erp/cfm for wheel joints