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Simple skeleton for DocPad blog

A simple skeleton for a DocPad blog, that mixes together:

  • jade for layouts templating
  • markdown for blog posts writing
  • highlightjs for code syntax highlighting
  • twitter bootstrap and bootswatch readable theme for basic styles and typography

Getting Started

  1. Install DocPad

  2. Clone and run the server

    git clone git://github.com/anton-107/docpad-skeleton-jade-markdown.git myproject
    cd myproject
    npm install
    docpad run
  3. Open http://localhost:9778/

  4. Read the intro article (src/documents/index.html.md) to get an idea of what batteries are included

  5. Start sharing knowledge with the world by modifying the index.html.md file, or creating a new src/documents/my-first-post.html.md