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Sample of how to deploy RavenDb to Azure as Web Role
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Update: better solution

Here is a better sample of RavenDB hosting solution (and more advanced):

Sample: Azure hosting of RavenDb as Web role

This is a sample of how you can host RavenDb as Web role. It is highly recommended to use RavenDB build >602 (which is currently unstable). Version embedded here is 573.

A few things to mention

  • Tested to be working propertly in "Esent" storage mode when running in real Azure (with build >602).
  • Application pool is configured to never recycle and timeout to achieve best performance
  • Max query string is configured for up to 16Kb
  • If you need to host it as Worker Role search "simplefx/AzureRavenDB" on GitHub. Originally I was using that solution to get it working for me.
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