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Complete scoring/achievements solution with weak linkage to Game Center
Objective-C C
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iOS Game Center Cache

Current version: 0.1 alpha.

	- Work as weakly connected proxy to the Game Center.
	- Provide functionality to work with user scores, achievements and any other related data in both online/offline and with multiple user profiles.

Public classes:
	- GCCache: main cache class with all routines needed.

	- Complete solution for storing scores and achievements.
	- Multiple user profiles, profile switching, local/online profiles.
	- Connection to Game Center if available.
	- Weak GameKit linkage; on pre-4.1 versions works locally (see the Sample).
	- Archiving of failed score/achievements submissions; resubmission when connected to Game Center.
	- Default profile when no any selected.
	- Progress reset.
	- GCCacheSample: typical game scenario. Demonstrates all functionality of having multiple user profiles with scores and achievements locally and online.

Copyright (C) 2011 by Anton Nikolaienko.
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