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App Manager

User interface for Yii configuration. Allows to manage components, extensions, modules.

The main goal of this extension is to utilize documentation, default options and many other things created with a source code, but usually not presented in a convenient form for day-to-day operations. For example, when need to configure a newly added extension and switch between its source code and Yii config for proper setup. App Manager eliminates such cases by providing abilities to configure and see useful comments in one place. Also it decreases possibility of misconfiguration by providing some basic validation rules.

Not the last goal of actual extension is to show all available for configuration properties. Lots of them usually hidden deeply inside sources (or by inheritance tree) and can be hardly recognizable.


  • Tested in Yii 1.12, but should work starting from Yii 1.10.
  • Application /config/main.php should be writable by a server (if not, only browsing will be available).

##Installation Extract the archive under /protected/modules/appManager. Add "appManager" under the config "modules" section.

##Usage Manager accessible as a usual module through /index.php?r=appManager (or /appManager).

There are two main sections:

  • App (specific for current web application components).
  • Core (Yii framework components).

For every section are available listing of components, detailed view and update form. For App there is a specific page Settings that contains main options.

Actions that can be performed with components:

  • Activation (adding to the config).
  • Deactivation.
  • Update (changing properties).
  • Restore (returns to default settings).

NOTICE: it's recommended to backup the original config before performing any of mentioned actions.



Simplifies configuration of Yii application.



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