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* Implements specific for AppManager model behaviour.
abstract class AmModel extends CModel
private static $_names=array();
* Constructor.
* @param string $scenario name of the scenario that this model is used in.
* See {@link CModel::scenario} on how scenario is used by models.
* @see getScenario
public function __construct($scenario='')
* Sets the attribute values in a massive way.
* @param array $values attribute values (name=>value) to be set.
* @param bool $safeOnly is not used.
public function setAttributes($attributes, $safeOnly = true)
foreach ((array)$attributes as $name => $value) {
$this->$name = $value;
* Initializes this model.
* This method is invoked in the constructor right after {@link scenario} is set.
* You may override this method to provide code that is needed to initialize the model (e.g. setting
* initial property values.)
public function init() {}
* Returns the list of attribute names.
* By default, this method returns all public properties of the class.
* You may override this method to change the default.
* @return array list of attribute names. Defaults to all public properties of the class.
public function attributeNames()
if(!isset(self::$_names[$className])) {
$class=new ReflectionClass(get_class($this));
foreach($class->getProperties() as $property) {
if($property->isPublic() && !$property->isStatic()) {
return self::$_names[$className]=$names;
} else {
return self::$_names[$className];
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