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1 parent e566608 commit 880c30cb45ef5df648f35c0090bfad6fd00f6096 anton committed Sep 30, 2012
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@@ -24,8 +24,8 @@ Version 1.1.13 work in progress
- Bug #1364: Empty CHtml::$errorCss cause class attribute rendering errors (creocoder)
- Bug #1444: Fixed CGoogleApi::register call to registerScriptFile (mdomba)
- Bug #1465: Fixed CHtml::beginForm() when CActiveForm with method GET and ajaxButton is used (mdomba)
-- Bug #1499: Fixed CVarDumper highlighting "\" (antoncpu)
- Bug #1485 CSort does not quote table alias when using CDbCriteria (undsoft)
+- Bug #1499: Fixed CVarDumper highlighting "\" (antoncpu)
- Enh #104: Added CWebLogRoute::$collapsedInFireBug property to control whether the log should be collapsed by default in Firebug (marcovtwout)
- Enh #84: Log route categories are now accepted in form of array. Added CLogRoute::except and parameter to CLogRoute::getLogs that allows you to exclude specific categories (paystey)
- Enh #117: Added CPhpMessageSource::$extensionPaths to allow extensions, that do not have a base class to use as category prefix, to register message source (rcoelho, cebe)

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