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Windows Azure SDK For PHP 0.3.1, 2012-08-17
- Added additional API support for Service Management:
* Operations on Hosted Services
> create, update, delete, list, get properties
* Operations on Deployments
> deployment: create, get, delete, swap, change configuration, update status, upgrade, rollback
> role instance: reboot, reimage
Windows Azure SDK For PHP 0.3.0, 2012-07-16
- Added Cloud Configuration Manager
Windows Azure SDK For PHP 0.2.0, 2012-06-25
- Added Service Bus Support
* Queues: create, list and delete queues; send, receive, unlock and delete messages
* Topics: create, list, and delete topics; create, list, and delete subscriptions; send, receive, unlock and delete messages; create, list, and delete rules
- Added Composer package
Windows Azure SDK For PHP 0.1.0, 2012-06-07
First Official Release
- Added REST Wrappers for the following Windows Azure 1.6 APIs:
* Tables
* Blobs
* Storage Queues
* Service Runtime
* Service Management for Storage Services only
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