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AWS credential profile changer

Excerpt from IAM Best Practices:

Delegate by using roles instead of by sharing credentials

You might need to allow users from another AWS account to access resources in your AWS account. If so, don't share security credentials, such as access keys, between accounts. Instead, use IAM roles. You can define a role that specifies what permissions the IAM users in the other account are allowed, and from which AWS accounts the IAM users are allowed to assume the role.

To make process of switching profiles (environment variables AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY among others) it is handy to use the code provided on this repo.


  • Autocomplete of available profiles (awsp + tab + tab)
  • Support configurable location of credentials file (AWS_SHARED_CREDENTIALS_FILE environment variable)
  • Full compatibility with official AWS CLI
  • Assume roles which require MFA
  • What else you can think of? Please open an issue or submit PR.


  • jq should be installed
  • Download anywhere you like (for example, ~/ and make it executable:
    $ wget -O ~/
    $ chmod +x ~/
  • Depending on which version of shell you use, edit ~/.bash_profile or similar to include: source ~/
  • (Optional) Enable aliases and auto-completion into your ~/.bash_profile or similar:
    alias awsall="_awsListAll"
    alias awsp="_awsSwitchProfile"
    alias awswho="aws configure list"

    complete -W "$(cat $HOME/.aws/credentials | grep -Eo '\[.*\]' | tr -d '[]')" _awsSwitchProfile


Content of ~/.aws/credentials:




To change AWS profile to use staging account (222222222222):

$ awsp company-staging-anton

To change AWS profile to use production account (111111111111) which requires MFA token created in IAM account (333333333333, company-anton):

$ awsp company-production-anton
# Please enter your MFA token for arn:aws:iam::333333333333:mfa/anton
> 123456


This code has been tested only on Mac and there are no intentions to make it to work on other systems (if necessary), but PR are very much welcome!


Created by Anton Babenko with inspiration from several code snippets


Apache 2 Licensed. See LICENSE for full details.