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Complete Terraform documentation as PDF files. Updating nightly.


Once upon a time, I've been missing Terraform documentation on my flight across Atlantic.


  1. Official content from web-site is used. Source: terraform-website.
  2. Include documentation for 95+ officially supported Terraform providers. Source: terraform-providers.
  3. Updating nightly.
  4. Documentation is generated from the web-site running locally.
  5. Get updates in your Dropbox folder -

How to use this?

  1. Don't have Dropbox account? Open one using my referral link and I will get 500M extra. :)

  2. To get PDFs to your Dropbox folder - click this shared link, then choose "Download" and "Save to my Dropbox".

  3. Alternatively, browse PDFs online -

Existing PDF files

  1. All in one: Terraform docs with all official providers
  2. Terraform docs (without providers)
  3. Terraform docs for each provider


This project is maintained by Anton Babenko with help from these awesome contributors.


MIT Licensed. See LICENSE for full details.

Terraform documentation itself is licensed under MPL 2.0. See for more details.

Latest update: 2022-05-19