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A Puppet module for managing real user accounts and groups.

The Puppet built-in type 'user' isn't very good at managing real user accounts. This module defines the accounts::account type that takes the same parameters as 'user'.

accounts::account creates a user group before the user account. This allows groups to be created with a specific gid number.


Add virtual resources to accounts::virtual or to your own classes.

Provide full details:

@accounts::account { 'bob':
  ensure => present,
  comment => 'Silent Bob',
  uid => 1000,
  gid => 1000,
  groups => ['wheel'],
  home => '/home/bob',
  managehome => true,
  shell => '/bin/bash',
  password => $private::params::password_hash_bob,

Or let the defaults take care of everything. This will create an account with uid and gid 1001:

@accounts::account { 'jay':
  uid => 1001,

Remove an account:

@accounts::account { 'dante':
  ensure => absent,

Realize the resources:

Accounts::Account <| title == 'bob' |>
Accounts::Account <| title == 'jay' |>
Accounts::Account <| title == 'dante' |>


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