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This project has been obsoleted by the new and improved Reactive Kitten Proxy. The project's original description is left below.

A proxy for all the kitten banners you need.

Killing Floor 2 Dedicated Server allows the administrator to specify a URL to a PNG image to use as the banner on the welcome screen. Naturally, a zombie shooter game should have a cute cat image as its banner, kindly provided by The Cat API.

However, The Cat API responds with a HTTP redirect to the actual image file, and the Killing Floor 2 client doesn't follow redirects, so it can't be used straight out of the box. This is where the kittenproxy comes in. It acts as a stupid proxy that requests an image from The Cat API and serves it with a HTTP 200 header that KF2 can understand.

Moreover, it would be more funneh if every player logging into the server for the same game (roughly simultaneously) received the same cat image, so that its cuteness can be discussed in the lobby before entering the battleground to shoot zombies. For this reason, kittenproxy caches the cat image for ten minutes before replacing it with a new one.


Create a new virtual host in Apache 2.4. Make sure its Directory section has AllowOverride All enabled.

Copy index.php and .htaccess to the site root. A mod_rewrite rule in .htaccess presents the PHP script as a file ending in .png (/kitten.png in the example).

This program requires allow_url_fopen to be enabled in php.ini, so it probably cannot be used in a shared hosting environment where the operator expects people to write shit code. In such a case the program could be changed to use cURL instead.



Demo (updates every ten minutes).


This is probably somewhat copyright infringing, since the URL to the original file is not shown anywhere. Easiest would probably be to add it as an extra HTTP header, where it is readily accessible to anyone who is looking.