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Build distribution tool for SenchaCMD

version status

Principle pic

Result on Jenkins builds chart


Note: 3 distributed VMs used instead one master.

Read article about this script.


  • Copy script to your Sencha applications workspace;
    • wget -O
    • chmod +x
  • Run $./ config.


$ ./
Build distribution tool for SenchaCMD v0.1.3 [beta]
  ./ config
  ./ applications-list
  ./ add-agent
  ./ remove-agent [--all]
  ./ agents-list
  ./ agents-test
  ./ build [--all] <application1,application2,...>

Add agents (Ubuntu-based host)

Run distributed build

  • Run $ ./ build --all to build all application in applications folder;
  • Or run $ ./ build applicationName1,applicationName2.

Under hood

for each agents {
    copy ssh key --> ssh --> apt-get install --> install sencha cmd --> initial rsync

for each applications {
    rsync --> sencha app build --> rsync

Release History

  • 0.1.3 Beta release:
    • Show build time
    • Rename init -> config
    • Show applicaiton list command
    • Add agent, ssh-key copying action confirmation
    • Add agent, apt-get update confirmation
  • 0.1.2 Beta release:
    • Configurable application path
    • Show list of applications after script init
    • Show build progress
    • Support for multi-host add-agent command
    • Check application's build exit status
    • Stop build after first fail
  • 0.1.1 Beta release:
    • Support build --all flag
    • Fix: add-agent
  • 0.1.0 Initial release


  • Column formating for print output
  • Check exit code for each agent
  • Script commands completion(?)


Copyright (c) 2016 Anton Fisher

MIT License. Free use and change.