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Human-readable log formatter, converts logrus fields to a nested structure:



type Formatter struct {
	FieldsOrder     []string // by default fields are sorted alphabetically
	TimestampFormat string   // by default time.StampMilli = "Jan _2 15:04:05.000" is used
	HideKeys        bool     // to show only [fieldValue] instead of [fieldKey:fieldValue]
	NoColors        bool     // to disable all colors
	NoFieldsColors  bool     // to disable colors only on fields and keep levels colored
	ShowFullLevel   bool     // to show full level (e.g. [WARNING] instead of [WARN])
	TrimMessages    bool     // to trim whitespace on messages


import (
	nested ""

log := logrus.New()
	HideKeys:    true,
	FieldsOrder: []string{"component", "category"},

log.Info("just info message")
// Output: Jan _2 15:04:05.000 [INFO] just info message

log.WithField("component", "rest").Warn("warn message")
// Output: Jan _2 15:04:05.000 [WARN] [rest] warn message


# run tests:
make test

# run demo:
make demo
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