A PHP-class to manipulate images
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To learn how to use this class, read examples/index.html or http://ushi.wurstcase.net/examples/image-class/

Extended class contains function to write multiline text of dynamic width and count of words.
Class will automatically adjust font size and word wrap to fit the box parameters.

Example of writing multiline text:

      // Text settings
  		$config = array(
				'font' => APPPATH.'../themes/admin/css/fonts/bitter/bitter-bold-webfont.ttf',
				'startFontSize' => 150, 
				'stepFontSize' => 1, // value on which font will decreasing each time
				'angle' => null,
				'color' => '#2158A6', // text color
				'lineSpacing' => null, // if null then will be used default
				'padding' => '10',
				'text-align' => 'center' // allowed values: left, right, center

      // Box settings
			$box_config = array(
				'top' => 10,
				'left' => 10,
				'width' => $this->image->getInfos('width'),
				'height' => 240

      // the work
			$this->image->writeMultiline('Some large text of dynamic width', $box_config, $config);