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A simple step sequencer for norns
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Sample based, grid controlled step sequencer


  • 8 voice sample playback.
  • Tempo and swing.
  • Bottom row (row 8) optionally used to cut playback position.



  • ENC1 adjusts main output level.
  • ENC2 changes tempo (20-300 BPM).
  • ENC3 changes swing amount (0-100%).
  • KEY2 stops sequencer.
  • KEY3 starts sequencer.
  • GRID toggles trigs.
  • ARC changes tempo (ENC1) and swing amount (ENC2).

Grid Support

Step is designed for varibright grids. It utilizes 8 rows and 8 or 16 columns of buttons.

Arc Support

Step provides optional support for arc. It currently only uses the first two encoders for control of tempo and swing.


Options are available in the global parameters list.

Script options:

  • Pattern Length - 8 or 16. Pattern length is automatically changed to connected grid's width.
  • Patterns - 1..99. Selects which pattern to edit and play.
  • Last Row Cuts - Yes or No. If yes row 8 will cut playhead position.
  • Quantize Cutting - Yes or No. If yes playhead position cutting will be quantized to one step.
  • Beats Per Pattern - 1..8.
  • Tempo - 20-300 BPM.
  • Swing Amount - amount to swing odd steps (0-100%).

The script exposes Ack engine parameters for each channel.

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