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Conky configs and Lua scripts, by Antonio Malcolm (v2015.07.26)

A collection of conky configs I've written, and thought to share, for anyone who would like to use them.

These configs use the most recent Conky, which utilizes Lua syntax in conkyrc
It should be trivial, however, to revert the conkryc files to work with older Conky versions.
Lua scripts require a Conky built with the appropriate Lua bindings for Cairo and imlib2.
As of the latest Conky, if you wish to use double-buffering, XDBE must also be built in.

Screenshots can be found under SCREENSHOTS
Wallpapers, as featured in the screenshots, can be found under WALLPAPERS

All conkyrc configs and lua scripts provided here are written by me, and come with an MPL, v2 license (open source), unless otherwise noted.
Fonts which accompany the configs are also open source, and are accompanied with a copy of whichever open source license is applicable.


Copy the contents of the config package (such as found in system-informatics-colors) into $HOME/.config/conky/.

Simple enough, yes?

BTW, if you need to compile Conky with the Lua bindings (for Cairo output, which give us all the shiny-shiny), here's a wiki to help you along: https://github.com/antonio-malcolm/conky-configs/wiki/How-To-Compile-Conky-And-Its-Lua-Bindings-From-Source


I don't create all the wallpapers here- like many wallpapers in use, they're often found around the internet, often with NO copyright info.
All applicable copyright info, when available with a wallpaper, will be included.
Otherwise, you use the wallpaper at your own risk (minimal, most likely, as it is used privately, on your own machine).