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Haldane Computational Biology

Front Matter

The project name Haldane is not an acronym, it's just a tribute to J.B.S. Haldane [1], who was amongst other things, a distinguished geneticist, evolutionary biologist and an open minded and a true human being.

Our work is mainly focused on in silico simulation of computational biology and ecology of bacterial conjugation using spatially explicit individual-based or agent based models models.


The datasets containing the simulation output for papers sent to [PACBB] (A preliminary assessment of three strategies for the agent-based modeling of bacterial conjugation) and to [PAAMS] (BactoSim --- An individual-based simulation environment for bacterial conjugation) 2015 congress can found on the following link Simulation datasets. The software version which has been used for produce these results will be made available soon.

The experimental dataset used to calibrate and validate the model was kindly provided by the Intergenomics Group and can be found on the following link Experimental dataset


1. J. B. S. Haldane's Last Years: His Life and Work in India (1957–1964), []