Arrows is an animated custom view to give feedback about your UI sliding panels.
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Carthage compatible CocoaPods Platform Language


Arrows is an animated custom view to represent three different arrow states: up/down/middle

Arrowa demo1


Just need to set ArrowView in the class you want to be painted with the arrow indicator in IB. Or directly instantiate the class ArrowView in code. It is based on UIBezierPath, so the dimensions are defined by the view frame, don't worry about the resolution it will look perfect.

In your ViewController, you can change the state of the arrow using update function

class YourViewController: UIViewController {
    @IBOutlet weak var arrow: ArrowPanel!

    override func viewDidLoad() {
        // .up, .down, .middle
        arrow.update(to: .middle, animated: true)

You can find more options in ArrowView

    ///  Get the current position
    fileprivate(set) var arrowPosition: Position = .middle

    /// Animation duration between arrow states (accessible from IB)
    @IBInspectable open var arrowAnimationDuration: Double = 0.30

    /// Set arrow color (accessible from IB)
    @IBInspectable open var arrowColor: UIColor = .black

The perfect companion for Arrows is Panels, check it out!

Arrowa demo1



Add the line pod "Arrows" to your Podfile


Add the line github "antoniocasero/Arrows" to your Cartfile


Project created by Antonio Casero (@acaserop on Twitter).


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