A handy tool to quickly open the files you use regularly.
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Bookmarks indicator for Ubuntu, written in Python.


Think of it as a handy way to quickly open the files you use regularly, without needing to open a new file manager window, or manually hunt it down in the Unity Dash.

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Brief Guide

  • Put in config all the folders and files you want to bookmark, one per line; environment variables like $HOME are expanded;
  • Use --- or --- Some Header where you want to place a menu separator;
  • Open a terminal in the folder containing bookmarks-indicator.py;
  • Run python bookmarks-indicator.py.

Example of a config file:

--- Media


This indicator requires the following python modules: os, sys, tempfile, subprocess, gtk, appindicator, argparse. You can install the missing ones using pip (link).

Advanced Usage

usage: bookmarks-indicator.py [OPTIONS]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  -i COLOR    icon color (default: '#010101'); accepts all HTML color values,
              such as '#FF0000' or 'red'; when using hex colors make sure to
              quote them, otherwise shell bash will interpret everything
              following # as a comment
  -c CONFIG   config file path (default: '<script-path>/config')
  -l LABEL    indicator label (default: '')
  -o OPENER   file opener (default: 'xdg-open')
  -t SHELL    shell (default: 'gnome-terminal')
  -x EXT      execute -- instead of open in editor -- files with chosen
              extension (default: disabled) for example '-x ".sh" -x ".py"'
              will execute bash and python scripts (ensure they have file
              execution permission)

Copyright (c) 2016, Antonio Coratelli.
Released under BSD 3-Clause License. See 'LICENSE' file.

Icon extracted from "WPZOOM Developer Icon Set" by WPZOOM.


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