A simple script for take screenshots of pages at different resolutions.
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Kaidan is a simple script that uses a file as input for the url's and takes a screenshot of every page using the different resolutions.

How to use it

Install phantomjs and casperjs. Clone the folder, run "npm install", open urls.txt and add the pages you want to test, separated in a new line.



Then open the terminal go to the folder with kaidan and run the script using casperjs kaidan.js. It will save all the screenshots in a folder and name each image in this : page_title_width.png The resolutions are managed in an array that can be modified depending on your needs.

var viewports = [ {w:320,h:480}, {w:480,h:640}, {w:800,h:600}, {w:1024,h:768}, {w:1440,h:960}, {w:1920,h:1080} ]

You can check this article for more info.

Problem with external fonts

I could not make the scritp work with external fonts loaded by typekit, the screenshot is rendered using the fallback font.


There is no license since is a simple script. Anyone can use it with no restrictions.

Why the name

Is a simple script, not a project, but I needed to name the js file, so inspired by the word phantom and casper, I called kaidan.


I'm open to any suggestion on how to improve the script. I'd like to solve the problem with the external fonts, any suggestion is welcome.