Modular script to make easier the preparation of OpenShift Container Platform on OpenStack deployments
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Modular script to make easier the preparation for the deployment of OpenShift Container Platform on OpenStack.

In order to make it work, please copy this script into a folder with these another files:

  • the OpenStack RC files (for Openshift project and optionally for Admin project)
  • the QCOW2 RHEL file for image creation (optional if this is already created on the environment)


  • v0.1: This release creates everything that is needed to prepare an OCP on OpenStack deployment.
  • v0.2: This release improves three modules: security groups, instances creation, floating IPs.


  • This script doesn´t install prereqs or OCP itself. It´s conceived to help to prepare the environment for OCP deployment.
  • This script is not intended for flannel based deployments. Anyway, it can be easily adjusted for that purpose.


  • This script has been inspired by the excellent document "Deploying Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3 on Red Hat OpenStack Platform", authored by Mark Lamourine, Ryan Cook and Scott Collier. Link: