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Perl6::TypeGraph - Parse a description of the types for documentation.


    use Perl6::TypeGraph;

    # create and initialize it
    my $tg ="./resources/type-graph.txt");

    # and use it!
    say $tg.sorted;


Perl6::Typegraph creates a graph of all types in a file that describes them. It gives you info about what classes a type inherits from and the roles it does. In addition, it also computes the inversion of this relations, which let you know what types inherit a given type and the types implementing a specific role.

All types are represented using a Perl6::Type object. Categories are just descriptive and are not really used in the generation of graphs. They will probably be eliminated in later iterations of this library.


[ Category ]
# only one-line comments are supported
packagetype typename[role-signature]
packagetype typename[role-signature] is typename[role-signature] # inheritance
packagetype typename[role-signature] does typename[role-signature] # roles

[ Another cateogory ]
  • Supported categories: Metamodel, Domain-specific, Basic, Composite, Exceptions and Core.

  • Supported packagetypes: class, module, role and enum.

  • Supported typenames: whatever string following the syntax class1::class2::class3 ...; class follows the usual identifier format that might include apostrophes and dashes.

  • [role-signature] is not processed, but you can add it anyway.

  • If your type inherits from more than one type or implements several roles, you can add more is and does statements (separated by spaces).


# Metamodel
class Metamodel::Archetypes
role  Metamodel::AttributeContainer
class Metamodel::GenericHOW       does Metamodel::Naming
class Metamodel::MethodDispatcher is Metamodel::BaseDispatcher is Another::Something
enum  Bool                          is Int
module Test

(whitespace is only included for appearance, it does not have any meaning)

has Associative %.types

Format: $name => Perl6::Type.

has Positional @.sorted

Sorted array of type names.

method new-from-file

method new-from-file(
) returns Mu

Initialize %.types from a file.

method parse-from-file

method parse-from-file(
) returns Mu

Parse the file (using the Decl grammar) and initialize %.types and @.sorted

method topo-sort

method topo-sort() returns Mu

This method takes all Perl6::Type objects in %.types and sort them by its name. After that, recursively, add all roles and supers in the object to @!sorted


Moritz Lenz <@moritz> Antonio Gámiz <@antoniogamiz>


This module is a spin-off from the Official Doc repo, if you want to see the past changes go to the official doc.

Copyright 2019 Moritz and Antonio This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.

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