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Score Keeper App

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Game Chosen

The chosen game has either multiple amounts of points that can be scored, as in american football, or multiple important metrics to track, such as fouls, outs, and innings in baseball.

Udacity code reviewer comments

Perfect app for the perfect game πŸ‘

Overall layout

App is divided into two columns, one for each team.

Udacity code reviewer comments

The app is designed nicely and divided properly for easy score tracking πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

Column contents

Each column contains a large TextView to keep track of the current score for that team. Optionally, a second TextView to track another important metric such as fouls can be added.

Score buttons

Each column contains multiple buttons. The buttons must track either:

  • Each track a different kind of scoring Or
  • Each track a different metric (one score, the other fouls, for instance).

Reset button

The layout contains a β€˜reset’ button.

Udacity code reviewer comments

Great work, The reset button works flawlessly πŸ‘

Best practices

The code adheres to all of the following best practices:

  • Text sizes are defined in sp
  • Lengths are defined in dp
  • Padding and margin is used appropriately, such that the views are not crammed up against each other.

Udacity code reviewer comments

Very well done using all proper metric units πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ



The code runs without errors.

Udacity code reviewer comments

Your app works flawlessly πŸš€

Score Button Function

Each score button updates the score TextView in its column by adding the correct number of points.

Reset Button Function

The reset button resets the scores on both of the score TextViews.

Code Readability

Naming conventions

  • Any classes are named after the object they represent. All variables are named by their intended contents.
  • All methods are named by their intended effect or in the style required by a callback interface.

Code style

  • There are no unnecessary blank lines. One variable is declared per declaration line.
  • The code within a method is indented with respect to the method declaration line.

Udacity code reviewer comments

Big thumbs UP for the well-written and organized code base πŸ‘