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;; @author Antonio Garrote
;; @date 30.06.2010
(ns scrummy-clone.resources.common
(use [plaza.rdf core schemas]
[plaza.rdf.vocabularies foaf dublin-core]))
; Namespace for all shared meta data in the application
(defonce scc "")
(register-rdf-ns :scc scc)
; Classes
(defonce scc:Sprint "")
(defonce scc:Story "")
(defonce scc:Task "")
; Properties
(defonce scc:uriId "")
(defonce scc:status "")
(defonce scc:priority "")
(defonce scc:hasSprints "")
(defonce scc:belongsToProject "")
(defonce scc:hasStories "")
(defonce scc:belongsToSprint "")
(defonce scc:hasTasks "")
(defonce scc:belongsToStory "")
; Schemas
(defonce scc:Project-schema
(make-rdfs-schema foaf:Project
:title {:uri dct:title :range :string}
:hasSprints {:uri scc:hasSprints :range scc:Sprint}))
(defonce scc:Sprint-schema
(make-rdfs-schema scc:Sprint
:created {:uri dct:created :range :date }
:hasStories {:uri scc:hasStories :range scc:Story}
:belongsToProject {:uri scc:belongsToProject :range foaf:Project}))
(defonce scc:Story-schema
(make-rdfs-schema scc:Story
:title {:uri dct:title :range :string}
:priority {:uri scc:priority :range :int }
:hasTasks {:uri scc:hasTasks :range scc:Task}
:belongsToSprint {:uri scc:belongsToSprint :range scc:Sprint}))
(defonce scc:Task-schema
(make-rdfs-schema scc:Task
:title {:uri dct:title :range :string}
:status {:uri scc:status :range :string}
:asignee {:uri dct:contributor :range :string}
:belongsToStory {:uri scc:belongsToStory :range scc:Sprint})))
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