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(ns plaza.utils-test
(:use [plaza.utils] :reload-all)
(:use [clojure.test]))
(deftest test-fold-list
(is (= (fold-list [1 2 3 4])
[[1 2] [3 4]])))
(deftest test-flatten-1
(is (= (flatten-1 [:a [[:s :p :o] [:s :p :o]] :c [[:s :p :o]] :d])
[:a [:s :p :o] [:s :p :o] :c [:s :p :o] :d])))
(deftest test-flatten-1-preserves-meta
(let [to-flatten (with-meta [:a [[:s :p :o] [:s :p :o]] :c [[:s :p :o]] :d] {:flatten true})
flattened (flatten-1 to-flatten)]
(is (= (meta to-flatten) (meta flattened)))))
(deftest test-cmd-param-to-keywords
(is (= "hola" (cmd-param-to-keyword "hola")))
(is (= :hola (cmd-param-to-keyword :hola)))
(is (= :hola (cmd-param-to-keyword "-hola"))))
(deftest test-check-default-values
(let [optsp (check-default-values {:password "foo"} {:password "bar" :username "guest"})]
(is (= "foo" (:password optsp)))
(is (= "guest" (:username optsp)))))
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