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correct handling of IDs in service descriptions

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1 parent c7c59ae commit 7e0fbd460429545cb010967cb167fdaf8c2d54cd @antoniogarrote committed Jun 18, 2010
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  1. +1 −1 src/plaza/examples/webapp.clj
  2. +8 −0 src/plaza/rdf/schemas.clj
  3. +35 −17 src/plaza/rest/core.clj
  4. +6 −2 test/plaza/rdf/schemas_test.clj
@@ -56,4 +56,4 @@
(route/not-found "Page not found"))
;; Running the application
-;(run-jetty (var example) {:port 8081})
+(run-jetty (var example) {:port 8081})
@@ -16,6 +16,8 @@
"Functions that can be applied to a RDF ontology schema"
(type-uri [this] "Returns the URI of this model")
(add-property [this alias uri range] "Adds a new property to the model")
+ (remove-property-by-uri [this uri] "Removes a property provided its URI")
+ (remove-property-by-alias [this alias] "Removes a property provided its alias")
(to-pattern [this props] [this subject props] "Builds a pattern suitable to look for instances of this type. A list of properties can be passed optionally")
(to-map [this triples] "Transforms a RDF triple set into a map of properties using the provided keys")
(property-uri [this alias] "Returns the URI for the alias of a property")
@@ -50,6 +52,12 @@
{:kind :resource :range (if (coll? range) (apply rdf-resource range) range)})]
(dosync (alter properties (fn [old-props] (assoc old-props alias prop-val)))
(alter ranges (fn [old-ranges] (assoc old-ranges alias range-val))))))
+ (remove-property-by-uri [this uri] (let [alias (property-alias this uri)]
+ (when-not (nil? alias)
+ (dosync (alter properties (fn [old-props] (dissoc old-props alias)))
+ (alter ranges (fn [old-ranges] (dissoc old-ranges alias)))))))
+ (remove-property-by-alias [this alias] (dosync (alter properties (fn [old-props] (dissoc old-props alias)))
+ (alter ranges (fn [old-ranges] (dissoc old-ranges alias)))))
(toString [this] (str this-uri " " @properties))
(to-pattern [this subject props] (let [subj (if (instance? plaza.rdf.core.RDFResource subject) subject (if (coll? subject) (apply rdf-resource subject) (rdf-resource subject) ))]
(build-pattern-for-model this-uri subj props @properties)))
@@ -594,7 +594,7 @@
local (:resource-qname-local environment)
port (if (= (:server-port request) 80) "" (str ":" (:server-port request)))
id (random-resource-id)]
- {:id id :uri (str (str prefix port local) "/" id) :property-alias :id}))
+ {:id id :uri (str (str prefix port local) "/" id)}))
(defmacro wrap-request [kind prefix local request & body]
`(let [pre# (System/currentTimeMillis)]
@@ -678,9 +678,9 @@
(defn make-hRESTS-collection-operation
"Builds the description of a hRESTS allowed operation on a collection resource"
([method path resource environment]
- (log :info (str "*** PATH (col):" path))
(let [resource-type (type-uri resource)
- resource-schema (str path "/schema")]
+ resource-schema (str path "/schema")
+ aliases-post (filter #(not (= %1 (:id-property-alias environment))) (aliases resource))]
(condp = method
:get {:identifier (name method)
:label (str "HTTP " (name method) " method")
@@ -692,7 +692,7 @@
:label (str "HTTP " (name method) " method")
:method (name method)
:address path
- :input-messages (map (fn [alias] {:name alias :model (property-uri resource alias)}) (aliases resource))
+ :input-messages (map (fn [alias] {:name alias :model (property-uri resource alias)}) aliases-post)
:output-messages {:name "theResource" :description "The newly created resource" :model resource-schema :model-type resource-type}}
:delete {:identifier (name method)
:label (str "HTTP " (name method) " method")
@@ -873,15 +873,28 @@
found-port (re-find #"\{[0-9]+\}" pre)]
(if (nil? found-port) pre (clojure.contrib.str-utils2/replace pre found-port (str ":" (re-find #"[0-9]+" found-port)))))))
+(defn augmentate-resource
+ "Add Plaza Id property from property ontology if it is not present in the resource"
+ ([resource]
+ (add-property resource :id plz:restResourceId :string) resource))
+(defn deaugmentate-resource
+ "Remove the Plaza Id property from property ontology if it is present in the resource"
+ ([resource]
+ (remove-property-by-uri resource plz:restResourceId) resource))
(defn make-environment-map [resource-or-symbol path ts opts]
(let [resource (if (keyword? resource-or-symbol) (tbox-find-schema resource-or-symbol) resource-or-symbol)
resource-type (type-uri resource)
resource-map (model-to-argument-map resource)
id-gen (if (nil? (:id-gen-fn opts)) default-uuid-gen (:id-gen-fn opts))
+ id-property-alias (if (nil? (:id-property-alias opts)) :id (:id-property-alias opts))
+ id-property-uri (if (nil? (:id-property-uri opts)) plz:restResourceId (:id-property-uri opts))
service-matcher-fn (if (nil? (:service-metadata-matcher-fn opts)) default-service-metadata-matcher-fn (:service-metadata-matcher-fn))
schema-matcher-fn (if (nil? (:schema-metadata-matcher-fn opts)) default-schema-metadata-matcher-fn (:schema-metadata-matcher-fn))
- handle-service-metadata (if (nil? (:handle-service-metadata opts)) true (:handle-service-metadata opts))
- handle-schema-metadata (if (nil? (:handle-schema-metadata opts)) true (:handle-schema-metadata opts))
+ handle-service-metadata (if (nil? (:handle-service-metadata? opts)) true (:handle-service-metadata? opts))
+ handle-schema-metadata (if (nil? (:handle-schema-metadata? opts)) true (:handle-schema-metadata? opts))
resource-qname-prefix (:resouce-qname-prefix opts)
resource-qname-local path
resource-ts ts
@@ -894,15 +907,17 @@
{:resource-map resource-map :resource-type resource-type :resource-qname-prefix resource-qname-prefix
:resource-qname-local resource-qname-local :id-gen-function id-gen :resource-ts resource-ts :resource resource
:path (str path "*") :path-re (re-pattern (str "(\\..*)?$")) :service-matcher-fn service-matcher-fn
- :schema-matcher-fn schema-matcher-fn :handle-schema-metadata handle-schema-metadata
- :handle-service-metadata handle-service-metadata :allowed-methods allowed-methods :get-handle-fn get-handle-fn
+ :schema-matcher-fn schema-matcher-fn :handle-schema-metadata? handle-schema-metadata
+ :handle-service-metadata? handle-service-metadata :allowed-methods allowed-methods :get-handle-fn get-handle-fn
:post-handle-fn post-handle-fn :put-handle-fn put-handle-fn :delete-handle-fn delete-handle-fn :base-path path
- :service-uri-gen-fn service-uri-gen-fn :kind :collection-resource }))
+ :service-uri-gen-fn service-uri-gen-fn :kind :collection-resource :id-property-alias id-property-alias
+ :id-property-uri id-property-uri }))
(defn make-single-resource-environment-map [resource-or-symbol path ts opts]
(let [pre-map (make-environment-map resource-or-symbol path ts opts) resource (if (keyword? resource-or-symbol) (tbox-find-schema resource-or-symbol) resource-or-symbol)
- id-match (if (nil? (:id-match-fn opts)) default-id-match (:id-match-fn opts))]
- (-> pre-map (assoc :id-match-function id-match) (assoc :kind :individual))))
+ id-match (if (nil? (:id-match-fn opts)) default-id-match (:id-match-fn opts))
+ augmentated-resource (if (= (str (:id-property-uri pre-map)) plz:restResourceId) (augmentate-resource (:resource pre-map)) (:resource pre-map))]
+ (-> pre-map (assoc :id-match-function id-match) (assoc :kind :individual) (assoc :resource augmentated-resource))))
(defn build-default-qname-prefix
"Returns the domain of a RING request"
@@ -966,7 +981,7 @@
(defn check-tbox-request
"Checks if the request is asking for TBox metadata instead of the actual service data"
([request environment]
- (if (:handle-schema-metadata environment)
+ (if (:handle-schema-metadata? environment)
(if ((:schema-matcher-fn environment) request environment)
{:body (render-triples (to-rdf-triples (:resource environment)) (mime-to-format request) plaza.rdf.schemas/rdfs:Class-schema request)
:headers {"Content-Type" (format-to-mime request)}
@@ -983,9 +998,11 @@
:headers {"Content-Type" (format-to-mime request)}
:status 200}
(if-let [parent-service (tbox-find-parent-service (:path environment))]
- {:body (render-format-service (assoc parent-service :uri full-request-uri) (mime-to-format request) request environment)
- :headers {"Content-Type" (format-to-mime request)}
- :status 200}
+ (let [schema (-> (:resource environment) (deaugmentate-resource))
+ environmentp (assoc environment :resource schema)]
+ {:body (render-format-service (assoc parent-service :uri full-request-uri) (mime-to-format request) request environmentp)
+ :headers {"Content-Type" (format-to-mime request)}
+ :status 200})
@@ -1043,10 +1060,11 @@
:status 200}))
(defn handle-post-collection [request environment]
- (let [mapping (apply-resource-argument-map (:params request) (:resource-map environment))
+ (let [params (dissoc (:params request) (name (:id-property-alias environment)))
+ mapping (apply-resource-argument-map params (:resource-map environment))
{id :id resource-id :uri} ((:id-gen-function environment) request environment)
triples-pre (conj (build-triples-from-resource-map id resource-id mapping) [resource-id rdf:type (:resource-type environment)])
- triples (if (nil? id) triples-pre (conj triples-pre [resource-id plz:restResourceId (d id)]))]
+ triples (if (nil? id) triples-pre (conj triples-pre [resource-id (:id-property-alias environment) (d id)]))]
(out (ts (:resource-ts environment)) triples)
{:body (render-triples triples :xml (:resource environment) request)
:headers {"Content-Type" "application/xml"}
@@ -14,11 +14,15 @@
(deftest test-props
(is (= "http://something/Good" (str (type-uri *test-model*)))))
-(deftest test-add-prop
+(deftest test-add-remove-prop
(do (add-property *test-model* :wadus "" :float)
(add-property *test-model* :foo "" "")
(= :foo (property-alias *test-model* ""))
- (= :wadus (property-alias *test-model* ""))))
+ (= :wadus (property-alias *test-model* ""))
+ (remove-property-by-uri *test-model* "")
+ (remove-property-by-alias *test-model* :wadus)
+ (is (nil? (property-alias *test-model* :wadus)))
+ (is (nil? (property-alias *test-model* :foo)))))
(deftest test-to-map
(let [m (to-map *test-model* [[:test ["" :name] "name"] [:test ["" :price] (d 120)] [:test :number (d 10)]])]

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