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a demo JS app using RDF to link data from different APIs

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Geektalk is a small demo of how RDF can be used in a JS application to easily integrate data from different APIs.

A deployed version of the app can be found here.

Geektalk is built using a number of libraries we have developed to make the use of RDF and other semantic technologies in JS easier:

All these libraries are free software and can be cloned and modified from their Github repositories.

To use the application just get the code and open index.html in a (modern) browser.


A ruby file named build.rb can be used to minify and join all the JS files in the application for a more convenient deployment. To execute this script, simply run:

$ ruby ./build.rb

The files can also be included from the src directory in development. Check the comment in the head HTML tag at the top of index.html


Licensed under the GPLv3 license, (c) Antonio Garrote 2012

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